Who? What? Where? Why?


I’ll stick with the classic introduction: My name is Bryony Hawkins, and I’m in my final year studying Radio Production at the University of Westminster.

Radio Production? Yes! I love the world of radio. Whilst most people have a particular band or type of music they like to listen to when they’re in a certain mood, I have a particular radio programme I like to listen to. I’m especially fond of speech radio, it’s a constant companion, so expect to hear many thoughts on what I’m currently listening to.

Someone once told me that I like to “feed my mind”, and this is absolutely true. This blog is all about what I’m currently engaged in, whether it’s what’s on the radio, what I’ve been watching, reading, making, baking or where I’ve been going.

I’m not highly opinionated about things, but hopefully I can share something with you that will capture your interest.


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