‘Snow’ Much Fun

I was smugly satisfied when it woke up and saw inches (well, centimetres) of snow building up in the North London suburban cul-de-sac that my window looks out onto. Looking Out My Door

I love the novelty and the fuss when it snows in the UK, as it just makes the day have a few more adventurous challenges for everyone, and it’s interesting to see how the nation tackles them.


But as much as I hate to admit it, a small siren did go off in my head regarding my existing plans for the day. I really must be getting old!


My ‘Snow Problems’:

Would I be able to go out and fetch some groceries? I let my food stores dwindle until I had a free day to head to the shops, and there’s only so long I can go with 4 sheets of toilet paper.


How am I going to get to and from my social plans? I had to get down to Hackney for the Stand Up Tragedy live night which I’m recording the podcast for this evening. Also, I was looking forward to joining my friends for a birthday bash in KOKO afterwards. I’ve done the night bus in the snow before, and I guess it’s happening again…


How many layers of clothes am I going to have to wear? I get cold really easily. Like, really easily. I’m talking tights, jeans, two pairs of socks, vest top, t-shirt, cardigan, big thick hoody, base gloves, Canadian mittens, leopard print fur hat that encompasses my face, huge woolly scarf big enough for two and sub-zero temperature outdoors coat.


The most pressing question though was…


Which snow animal am I going to build!

As much as my body protests against the cold, I love playing in it, and a regular snowman just doesn’t cut it with me.


I headed to the park nearby, and made this little guy!


My Snow Bear 2013

 My Snow Bear 2013

My Snow Bear 2013



I love a good pun.