For All Those Freaking Out

Great radio usually has human stories at his heart. This couldn’t be more true of Fi Glover’s “landmark” series Generations Apart, which was broadcast on Radio 4 the last two Wednesdays. In the series, Fi gets to know individuals from two very different generations, all from very different walks of life and now facing very different problems.


The stories of the people she chose to feature are the perfect representatives for addressing the issues everyone in the nation are familiar with, no matter which generation you are part of. She speaks to the post-war ‘baby boomers’ about what they remember about leaving education, facing the world of work and settling down and establishing a family.


That is then perfectly contrasted with individuals born in the 1990s, who have grown up with a huge range of lifestyle options available, in an technology driven global age. However, they are the ones now struggling to find their way in life through this economic crisis.


And this was the part which spoke to me the most. Fi speaks to one girl who has a story almost identical to mine, and many of my friends. The girl was a journalism undergraduate in her final year, trying to network her way into the media industry by continuously doing weeks of internships and work experience placements.


This is exactly what everyone I know is doing right now, including myself! Don’t get me wrong, I am so excited about achieving my goals when working in radio, and I enjoy being placed in new environments.


But it’s scary. Four short months, and then we’re out there in the big wide world! We’re standing on the edge of the void now.


Maybe I was just feeling particularly emotional that day, but when I heard Generations Apart and the stories from real people around the country, it comforted me. It’s a reminder that there are people experiencing the same thing up and down the country, and it’s always nice not to be alone.


So if you want some comfort, and to hear real stories about the paths in life and what’s important, listen to Generations Apart. Don’t freak out.


And luckily, it’s available for over a year thanks to the BBC’s new online archive!


Generations Apart

Fi Glover, BBC Radio 4



And if you’re into radio drama, I’ve really enjoyed these adaptations. It’s the autobiography of New Zealand author Janet Frame, who grew up in an interesting time with an interesting family. Her take on the world is beautifully told, taking us through time and locations.


An Angel At My Table

BBC Radio 4