I Want To Be An Animal

Africa has done it again. The TV programme I mean. The country has obviously done it too by evolving such magnificent landscapes and amazing creatures, but the team behind the show have done a brilliant job capturing the Congo.

I’m sitting in my room, surrounded by notepads, appliances and other objects that indicate my very enjoyable but very human existence. What I wouldn’t give right now to be one of the little fish swimming in the Congo rivers, or one of the colourful birds zipping through the rainforest. Just finding food, keeping out the rain, not getting eaten, what could be nicer?


I’m the daughter of an RSPB warden, and we watch a lot of wildlife documentaries in my house, but I’d never seen these birds before!




The Picathartes looks like it’s been made out of modelling clay, with its disproportionate wings and smooth feathers.





African Skimmer


And the African Skimmer looks like a child’s drawing of a bird! If that makes sense…



I’m not usually a big watcher of television, probably because I don’t actually own one and only have my laptop, but I am just massively impressed at the journeys we can be taken on and things we can be shown.


I’d much rather see them with my own eyes of course! African expedition, anyone?


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